Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Who Started Houston's Gourmet Burger Craze?

A recent lunch at Beck's Prime made me wonder:  Who started the whole gourmet burger trend in Houston?  Beck's has been my benchmark gourmet burger for years; they opened their first store in 1985.

You, pretty burger, are responsible for all this.

Before that, I remember burgers from Prince's Drive-In and Bellaire Broiler Burger, but while good, they aren't the same sort of burgers that Beck's.  Same goes for Rosnovsky's and Someburger.  Been around forever, but they serve fast food-style burgers, albeit very good ones.

An astute Twitterer, Jennifer King, remembered that Cafe Express started around the same time period, but while they do serve burgers, I don't think they're in the same class as Beck's.

Another of the Twitterati, Joey, reminded us about Annie's on South Post Oak.  I'm a fan, but I wouldn't consider them to offer a high-end experience.

So I'll put it to the experts here:  Who started the gourmet burger craze in Houston?


  1. I'm going to say Fuddruckers set the tone for upscale hamburgers in the area.

  2. Agree. Fuddruckers

  3. Vic & Anthony's brought the $12 burger to town, before that none were over $8 bucks.


  4. Around 1980 my favorite burger was served up at Old Bayou Inn on Heights. I remember it was smothered in grilled onions, exceedingly messy, and almost impossible to finish... but I always did!

  5. Hamburgers by Gourmet.
    Roznovsky's off Kirby, behind where Beck's is now.

  6. Gourmet Hamburgers on Kirby started it.....

  7. Hubcap Grill!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Hamburgers by Gourmet was open in Houston in the mid 70s.