Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Adios, CoalBurger

We have sad news to report during National Burger Month.  Coal Burger, the coal fired oven burger concept from the folks at Grimaldi's, has closed.  We were fans of the burger, but will admit that there were consistency issues:  Sometimes the burger was perfect, sometimes it was dried out.  Apparently cooking ground beef in a 1000+ degree coal-fired oven requires a very deft touch.

Combine the consistency issues with the notoriously dicey parking situation at the Woodlands Waterway, and Grimaldi's decided to close this restaurant after less than a year.

According to our sources, Grimaldi's plans to expand its pizza operation into the Coal Burger space.

We have no word on whether other Coal Burger locations in Arizona are closing as well.


  1. I went there 4 times--there was parking across the bridge and we walked there just fine. I think having the frontage to the side was the main issue. I did order my burger there medium once and they cooked it a shorter time so it was near medium. Too bad though--they were quite good and I loved the Boylen's Soda.

  2. It wasn't bad, but they were late to the party. About the time they opened, you could get a really great burger at H&H's sandwich bar for less money. A LOT less money before CB's price/size reset. And it's not on tap, but there are bottles of cold Boylan about 30 feet away in H&H's case.

    Also agree with Hank - that frontage was weird. You had to work around the Waterway (or know someone who does) to know precisely where the entrance was.

    I think that building is some of the worst restaurant space I've ever seen. Odd entrances & designs, restaurants over multiple floors, taking elevators up to restaurant entrances... the architect must have been out of his mind. Or in high school.